Jim Shepka - Photography, Direct to Glass/Acrylic - Prints - Canvas

Jim Shepka's first job was working in a camera shop while in high school and has basically been carrying a camera ever since.  His worldly travels in both the military and professional space has literally exposed him to a wide range of analog (film) and digital formats, all while specializing in

image processing in high-end pro photo labs. He eventually moved behind the camera once the digital revolution evolved to his liking and currently shoots with medium format digital gear. 

What interests Jim the most about this visual medium is the ability to tell a story that most will never get to experience first hand. His latest series about the rodeo circuit is a perfect example. Fulfilling one of his personal bucket list goals, he notes the real challenge was immersing himself in the culture and the constant need to be aware of his surroundings to capture imagery that you see here. Whether climbing atop the chute to position himself alongside the rider as he mounts the bull or being inside the arena with the safety crew when the bull charges out of the gate, it was all a bit intimidating at first. He goes on to say that you quickly learn to call upon past experiences to help get comfortable with being uncomfortable (aka - face your fears) with your surroundings. After all, it is a one-ton bull that is trying to reek havoc on anything and anybody in its path!  

Jim offers a variety of unique print options including Direct to Acrylic (no paper, image printed directly to glass), Piezography Black and White prints on rag paper (stunning image and tonal range quality from carbon based ink jet print) and Canvas for larger works.

Being a Marine veteran and cancer survivor, his comfort level may be a few bars higher than most, but he mentions this took all his experiences to capture this visual story. Join him for the ride and take note of one of his favorite quotes - "you never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only option".

Jim lives in Rio Rancho with his wife who creates art herself - gorgeous southwest quilts.