John Michael Herrera Jr. - Sculpture, Acrylic on Canvas & Jewelry


I am a native of Santa Fe, New Mexico and I have spent the majority of my life in and around the Santa Fe area.  My life’s journeys always included the mountains and neighboring Pueblos.  I continue to be influenced by the vast spiritual diversity of my homeland and its mixed cultures and people.   I use my spiritual connection to the world around me to bring the spirit of diversity and abstraction to life in my artwork.   Whether it is a painting, sketch, or sculpture, the hidden meaning in color, shapes, and line inspires me.


I believe I have the spiritual gift of listening, which I bring to all my mediums.  I am inspired by the magic of engaging in a whispering conversation with my mediums, from paint to metal, allowing those mediums to share their stories with me.  I hear a small voice from different mediums, and making art allows me the opportunity to be a conduit of their secrets and hidden beauty.  My greatest desire is to find my voice through the process of creating my artwork.  This allows me to become open to others in a way I never thought possible.


I believe the journey we share, though it is only for a moment, spans over eternity.  I must engage myself in that moment.  Within my artwork lies my healing, and in turn the healing for the world.  I believe this healing will be transmitted to all people in eternity.  My artwork is a testament to my desire to heal the world, I dream of being a great artist and teacher of the arts and through this receive my healing.

Having worked for years in art galleries around Santa Fe, John Michael grew in passion to help local and regional artists get discovered and celebrated in the art scene of our area.  Spirit Bird Gallery was created with that commitment.

A portion of every sale of John Michael's art will be donated to a scholarship fund at the Institute for American Indian Arts to encourage future artists.